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Proximal Universal Humerus Locking Plates

Proximal Universal Humerus Locking Plates, With CombiHoles, Titanium

The Proximal Humerus Universal Locking Plates are availabe;

    Proximal Universal Humerus Locking Plates’ s holes are CombiHoles,VASholes and SecureLock. The Plates are suitable for right and lefet humerus bone.

  • Locked construct in humeral head
  • Proximal locking holes accept 3.5mm locking screws and 3.8mm,3.5mm cancellouse locking screws
  • Distal holes accept 3.5mm locking, 3.5 cortex screws and 3.5mm cancellouse locking screws.
  • Same plate in left or right Proximal Humerus
  • Available in High-N stainless steel and titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V Gr5)
  • Available also sterile-packed
  • Micro surface nishing
Cat.No Holes
1203.1002 2
1203.1003 3
1203.1004 4
1203.1005 5
1203.1007 7
1203.1009 9
1203.10011 11