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Super Clavicle Locking Plates

Superior Clavicle CombiHoles Locking Plates, Titanium

The Superior Locking Plates Are Availabe;

    Superior Clavicle Locking Plates’s holes are combiholes, VASholes and securelock. This holes are accept 3.5mm locking,3.5mm cortex, 2.7mm cortex and 3.5mm cancellouse locking screws.

  • Left and Right Clavicle
  • Available in High_N stainless steel and titanium alloy (Tİ6AI4V Gr5)
  • Available also sterile-packed
  • Micro surface finishing
Cat.No Holes
1202.1104 4 Left
1202.1106 6 Left
1202.1108 8 Left
1202.1204 4 Right
1202.1206 6 Right
1202.1208 8 Right